Every year I pick a word for the year to focus on and really try to incorporate it into my everyday life.  This year the word is joy.  I love it because it also stands for Jesus, Others, You!  I try to expand that meaning beyond the idea of joy as being exceedingly happy, and more of a feeling of contentment and deeper joy. Saturday, my sister, Brenda and I spent the day at the Dallas Arboretum.  It was a glorious day full of the promise of autumn.

We strolled, talked, had lunch outside on the patio next to an enormous tree, and enjoyed the simple beauty of God’s creation.  I almost did not ask her to go because after school starts, her schedule is crazy.  Brenda teaches kindergarten in Mansfield and her weekend time is precious.  A teacher’s work is never done, and she is really dedicated to her profession and her little kids!  The day before we went she had dressed up as Mother Goose for the fairy tale unit.  I checked with her on Friday and was surprised when she said that she in fact would love to go.  I am so glad that I listened to my inner voice.  We would have missed a wonderful day together!  So until next time,






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