Several years ago, my friend, Lynda Ray Nunez, invited me to join her book club. I was quite hesitant at first, worried about finding time to read a specific book by a specific date. I had many reasons to decline, but I thought I would give it a try. Best decision I could have ever made!

This group of amazing women have enriched my life beyond measure!  The members are Linda Graham, Anne Ingle, Kim Callanan, Lynda Nunez, and Judy Schreyach. We also had a beautiful member named


Jane Birkhead. Her picture is above and totally captures her incredible spirit!  About this time last year, Jane passed away, after a valiant struggle with cancer. That is not what matters in her story nearly as much as the lessons she taught us about living!

Jane was in her 70s, but never let her age limit her activities, enthusiasm, or interests. She was a world class swimmer and competed in international events all over the world winning medals and setting records. She was an accomplished artist and shared her talent in her Christmas cards, that were such a joy to receive.  The painting above is one of those cards.The incredible thing about Jane was she came to these talents later in life. I learned that it doesn’t matter the age you are in numbers, but in your soul!  She sang beautifully, loved her family deeply, and made everyone feel special when they were around her.

Life got got very hard for our sweet Janie in the last few months of her journey. That gorgeous smile never left her, nor her spunk, nor her concern and care for others!  I so admired her in every way. I miss her in my life, but she will always be in my heart as well as the other Babes!

I have a small bulletin board by my computer desk with pictures and cards.  I keep my picture of Jane there and she inspires me to do those things I feel are too hard, or not whine if I am having a not so great day!  Thank you Jane for coming into my life and bringing your spirit into mine!  I love you!


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