September 11th

In honor of this momentous day in history, I have decided to begin a blog about my life and loves and experiences.  This day reminds me to start things I have wanted to do, for really we have no idea what the future holds.  As I approach 60, and as Jane Fonda says, “our third act”, I want to live and love life fully!

Yesterday was my Mom’s birthday.   That day is always hard to face because it was a special day for us.  We went to lunch and went shopping, and just enjoyed each other’s company as we celebrated her day.  Each year I think about the fact that I can no longer do those little things with her.  Buy her flowers, call her to see how she is doing, take her out, send her a card.  She was my touchstone and biggest supporter, full of unconditional love and loyalty.  I would love to tell her that I will finally have a grandson to add to my precious brood of girls, yet somehow I think she knows already.DSCN3892


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