003_16818_fullThere are few things in life that are more exciting than the birth of a new grandchild!  On Feb. 15,2016, Griffin Zachary Walker was born and changed our lives forever!  Paige and Zach had 3 beautiful girls in their family and all of that pink, became a world of blue!

This is the second time that I have had the honor of being present at the birth of a grandchild.  The first time we had no idea whether Aven was a girl or boy, but this time we knew it was a boy.  I am not sure Zach believed that until he saw Griffin for the first time! Paige is totally awesome at the whole process, having done it 3 other times.  She is a pro!

One of the greatest joys was she was able to experience having Griffin with her very best friends by her side to cheer her on.  These amazing girls mean so much to Paige and Zach and they are a total support system for each other.  I really wish I had had that when I was a young mother.  It touched me so deeply to see the love they have for my Paige!


Milynda is Zach’s mom.  It has been such a blessing to share grandchildren with her and see two of them born together!  We will always have a special bond loving this precious family!  She gave us an incredible gift in her son!

Griffin arrived at 10:59 am  on 2-15-16 and was a big boy!090_16905_full

Such sweetness and total love!  The true meaning of innocence and amazement!IMG_1580

After a few hours, the whole family arrived to meet their new brother!  091_16906_full098_16913_full104_16919_full

Every new baby in the family is so exciting and makes my heart grow bigger with total JOY!





  1. Laura,
    What a joyful story. Beautiful words and photos….
    There is a whole level of loving that appears with the birth of a grandchild.
    We both are very blessed to experience that love.

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