MY NEW MANTRA IS “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?”  I tend to feel that all of my ducks need to be in a row before I can do things.  I am truly trying to make fun things happen NOW!

For example, my dear friend, Lesley Wangberg sent a text a few weeks ago and said that she wished that we lived close enough to have lunch and see each other more often.  We texted a bit and I told her it was my turn to go see her since she has been here to visit 3 times.  All of a sudden, the thought ran across my mind, what are you waiting for Laura?  There will not be a perfect time, so make it happen at this time!!!

The next thing I knew we were discussing dates and I am going to meet her in Steamboat Springs CO on Thurs.  I am so excited to spend a few days together with one of my favorite people on the planet!  COLORADO, here we come!!  I hope you’re ready for us!


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