Fixer Upper Doll house


Last week I had lunch with Susan Woodward at Golightly.  After we ate we were shopping around in the different rooms.  I spotted this very large doll house that is in need of repair.  It was tagged the Fixer Upper, which is very appropriate!  Since Susan is an incredible artist, I thought she might like to tackle this project, but she had already done something similar and did not wish to do another one.


Something kept drawing  me back to this sweet house and I imagined how beautiful it could be. My son-in-law Zach Walker, is very gifted with working with wood and he will have to do some magic before we can begin the fun part. The girls saw it for the first time Sunday and are so excited!  One of the best things about being a grandmother, or Ommy, as my girls call me, is getting to do things that we didn’t have time for earlier. I will post updates as we make progress. I am really enjoying looking at ideas and finding so many cute accessories for it.   Let the joy begin!



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